Guerrilla Cinema

Harking back to the classic American drive-in, kids in the States are now projecting their own films in car parks.

guerrilladrivein.jpg‘Guerrilla drive in’ groups post screening times on the internet, but most attendees are just people driving by. Sound is transmitted by the cars tuning their radios to the correct FM frequency.

Lawrence Bridges, screens his comedy 12 in parking lots, and calls it a ‘gift and tribute’ to Los Angeles. Kate McCabe of projects movies onto the back of movie houses to ‘offer an alternative to surrounding corporate control of media’. Pilot, a collective in Chicago, lights up a warehouse wall with videos of friends debating politics to ‘trespass the corporate control of media’, and possibly bore the pants off everyone watching.

Wes Modes of the Santa Cruz, California, Guerrilla Drive-in has a more simplistic take: “We said, ‘Why aren’t there free movies? There’s all these walls!'”

Courtesy of Black Book.

Photo courtesy of Ektopia.

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