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Here at BST we are somewhat obsessed with bloggingprojectrunway.

Not only has the blog of the show meant that we are dying to get our grubby little TiVo on the show, we’re fascinated by how the blog (well written, snarky, irreverant and much linked to) has built the reputation of the show. It’s not clear if the blog is officially sanctioned in any way — the network’s own effort is a snore — but it’s certainly slickly put together in way in which only the best bits of citizen media are. We’re starting to see similiar stuff with the UK version of the show like Project Catwalk (which US bloggers have started to adopt now that this run of Runway has ended) but in no way as high a volume.

Via this blog, Project Runway — either deliberately or not — has managed to bottle that thing that many brands with their bland branded blogs are busily allowing to leak out. Hot Gossip. By allowing the show to be cheapened, laughed at, clipped, and generally Paris Hiltonised, BloggingProjectRunway has all the markings of a cult. Not all shows could be marketed in this way — the show is about fashion after all, a subject that lends itself to much bitchery and crapping on anyway. But Blogging Project Runway plonked itself right in the middle of the A list of fashion/gay/whatever blogs like Manolo’s Shoe Blog and just took it from there. As is fitting, we’ll let Manolo have the last word:

Such things as this [BloggingProjectRunway] tour they are the reason why the Manolo is completely in love with the blogging, and why he believes that it has the power to change the relationship between entertainment and the entertained. Indeed, it has already happened.

UPDATE: the lovely people at BloggingProjectRunway have got in touch to deny any formal involvement with the show. This only makes it more interesting to us – it’s the iPod effect. Make people love your property enough and they’ll market it for you …

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