Breaking news on Flickr

Flickr user uploads photos that seem to be taken from the viewpoint of an evacuee of the MS Explorer

msexplorer.jpgMany news outlets are currently reporting on the breaking story today that a cruise ship is sinking in Antarctica after hitting an iceberg. Thankfully, this is no modern day Titanic: Susan Hayes, of Gap Adventures, which owns the ship, told the BBC, that 91 passengers and nine crew members have been evacuated to lifeboats and then to another ship.

But what is extraordinary is that either someone onboard the ship, or involved in the rescue, has already managed to upload some photos of the wreck to Flickr. For traditional news outlets this represents somewhat of a problem: users don’t need their platform anymore. We’ve certainly got our RSS feed fastened to Flickr user Keep Left and not the BBC for developments on this story. And yes, we are ambulance chasers – we admit it.

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  1. charlie robertson says:

    always the best site to wander in to and leave a little wiser than a moment ago

    it is short sharp shock as it should be

    if envy was not a vice – red spider would endorse this

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