(Just Say ‘No’ To) Form 696

Running a club night in London will require reporting of all acts and ‘target audience’ to the Met. WHAT?

Indeed that’s the case, under new plans from London Police. Event organisers in 21 London boroughs are requested to ‘co-operate fully’ with police, by completing the new Form 696 before the event, in the interests of ‘risk assessment’.

Requested are not only details of promoters and onsite security, but also the contact numbers and real names of all performers, description of the ‘expected audience’ and the genre(s) of music expected to be performed, the examples given on the form being bashment, R’n’B, garage. No surprise then that many feel the Met is actually planning to use this data to focus police attention on clubs where such ‘dangerous’ forms of music are to be played, as well as for the profiling of the scene(s) and communities who organise and attend.

According to early reports, the form also included questions about the ethnicity of expected audiences. The current version on the Met’s site doesn’t include such information, so we can’t comment on that.

Concerns have been raised by many, including once-Undertone Feargal Sharkey, who now heads up the music campaign organisation UK Music. There’s a petition running on the 10 Downing Street website, a FaceBook group has been set up, and the mainstream press are paying attention.

Simply misguided urban policing, or the precursor of some modern day version of the 1994 Criminal Justice Bill’s rave-busting criminalisaiton of ‘repetitive beats’? Watch and wait. More importantly, act against this.

[Thanks for Helen Noir for tipping us off to this]

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2 Responses to (Just Say ‘No’ To) Form 696

  1. PAUL says:

    I suppose if enough people had stood up to the smoking ban the Government would have found it much more difficult to continue with their oppression of us. But too many said “I don’t smoke so it doesn’t affect me”.

    It’s rather like that poem on the T-shirt about: “At first they came for the Trade Unionists but I wasn’t one so I didn’t speak out…” It ends… “.. then they came for me and there was no-one left to speak up for me”.

  2. John says:

    Yes PAUL, clearly. The Government passing a law so that I can go clubbing without getting cancer is definitely the first step on a slippery slope to killing all the Jews… muppet.

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