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Anonymous vs the Church of Scientology

Internet flashmob does V proud in central London

Anonymous vs ScientologyFollowing an online call-to-arms, London yesterday saw a flashmob of mask-wearing, beatbox- and poster-wielding protestors converge on the Church of Scientology’s centre on Tottenham Court Rord for some good old-fashioned British fun-poking and rabble-rousing. Bless.

From Deathboy’s blog:

One guy in a full-on V outfit made an announcement in a very dull and proper fashion that none of us could hear properly. We were busy heckling him (anonymous has no problem with criticising anonymous), when he reaches the end of his speech and presses play on a boombox. Rick Astley: Never Gonna Give You Up

The crowd went fucking wild.

500 people rick-rolling the UK Scientology head office. It was at this point I saw the corners of the cops’ mouths twitch into smiles as they realised it was ok: we were from the internets.


[Image presumably taken anonymously -- let us know if it's yours!]

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