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Fony Sony

Sony’s attempt to use quietly-branded graffiti to promote its PSP has spectacularly backfired.

psp fuck up.jpgThe street art community has reacted to the work as a corporate invasion of their space and retaliated in spectacular style – from daubing ‘fony sony’ across the work to our personal favourite: ‘I don’t want this for Christmas’. Street art site Wooster is cataloguing the various attacks on the PSP graffiti, which Sony paid genuine artists to execute. Meanwhile Wired has stirred up the debate online with a scathing article, sample text:

Advertising firms call it genius, but the word on the street is less flattering.

sony 2.jpgThe Sony ads are the subject of much discussion on Flickr where the artwork can be seen ‘clean’ and street art site Wooster have posted a passionate polemic on the subject.

The mainstream media (in this case the International Herald Tribune) have now picked up on the story, reporting “Sony aims at hip crowd, but bid backfires a bit”. Given that the graffiti story is a mere footnote compared to the far more damaging revelation that some of Sony’s music CDs contain illegal spyware, we would say – no kidding.

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Nice flipbook-style street art.

jonasd.jpgPosters placed throughout the city map out a stick figure walking. Click the link to watch.
Via Wooster.

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Mobile Blogging Stella McCartney at H&M

The verdict? Much better than the previous Karl Lagerfeld attempt at cheap chic – as our guerrilla instore shoot demonstrates.

stellarbst.jpg We dispatched our agents to check out the much-hyped Stella McCartney collection at H&M which launched officially today. After fighting their way through London’s most vicious fashionistas, Sarah and Sophie grabbed some ‘looks’ instore on a mobile phone, then beamed them out into BSTflickr photostream. Guerrilla photoshoot? We call it ‘mobeling‘.

With Big Thanks to Sophie and Sarah who came back with narry a scratch.

And it looks like we’re not the only ones … see flickr tag ‘stella’.

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Hoodie CutUp

Those crazy kids at CutUp have been at it again – this time turning a Nescafe ad into a hoodielum.

hoodie cut up bst.jpghoodie closer bst.jpg
CutUp have a new exhibition opening on 4th November, at Seventeen – 17 Kingsland Road, E2. They’re clearly not anti-corporate enough to refuse sponsorship for the show from Leffe

Bigger photos are available on our Flickr photostream.

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Mind the Gap

Cutely executed ad for ‘missing’ building floors. Download your own A4 copy from the site and stick to a tree.

missing floors bst.jpgThe copy reads:

MISSING: levels 26-31. Last seen between levels 25 and 30. If you have any information regarding their whereabouts, please contact www.gravestmor.com as the lawyers on level 33+ are growing anxious…

From Gravetsmor, via Bldgblog Blogspot.

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Parasite Project

Cheaper and smaller video projection equipment has given birth to all kinds of wonderful public art. This lot have been glueing projectors to the sides of subway trains to project surreal images along the tunnels.

parasite.jpgTampering with the sides of trains might not be too popular in the current climate but it’s a lovely idea all the same.

The project’s creators at Berlin University say:

Affordable mobile video projections will offer a vast range of different forms of use and abuse of this technology soon. While this will certainly be of great interest to the advertising industry it could also extend the idea of re-conquest of public space often only reduced to graffiti and streetart. Our contribution to this is the idea of a parasite. Parasite is an independant projection-system that can be attached to subways and other trains with suction pads. Using the speed of the train as parameter for the projected content, the projection starts with the train moving inside a tunnel.

The tunnels of a subway-system bear something mystic—most people usually have never made a step inside any of those tunnels. Confusing the routine of your train-travelling-journey, your habits and perception Parallel Worlds—making use of Parasite—allows you a glimpse into a different world full of surrealist imagery.

Gridskipper has the video.

Found on the we-make-money-not-art blog which is rapidly becoming the definitive source of People Doing Weird Stuff with Tech.

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I Can See Your House From Here

Heavy Trash takes on gated communities in the States by building public access ‘viewing platforms’.

viewing platform.jpgIn April of this year, arts collective Heavy Trash deposited three bright orange viewing platforms in front of three Los Angeles gated communities: Brentwood Circle, Park La Brea and Laughlin Park. The platforms are intended to draw attention to the growing phenomenon of gated communities where the Haves can lock themselves away from the Have-Nots in our society. According to Setha Low, a professor at the City University of New York, there are now more than 1 million homes behind such walls in the greater Los Angeles area alone.

Heavy Trash intend the platforms to call attention to the walls of gated communities and provide visual access to parts of the city that have been cut off from public use. They also profer a replacement solution for the fear and loathing in society. According to their blog, Heavy Trash advocates:

Unrestricted pedestrian access. Since it is difficult to commit a property crime in Los Angeles without a car, unrestricted pedestrian access could be provided to all gated communities. This would return the parks, streets and sidewalks that have been removed from the public realm back to the residents of Los Angeles.

Investment in public infrastructure. Encourage investment in public infrastructure — like parks, streets, sidewalks and schools — by restoring local control over property tax revenues, essentially fixing the unintended consequences of Proposition 13.

“More eyes on the street.” Amend zoning code to encourage more mixed-use residential neighborhoods with 24-hour activity. Legalize second units (“Granny Flats”) in single-family homes. Both of these actions would put more people outside during the normal course of a day, and nothing works quite as well to make neighborhoods safer, friendlier and livelier.

Gated communities and other examples of the rich barracading themselves off from society are hardly a new phenomenon. As Mike Davis wrote in the seminal City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles back in 1990,

The dire predictions of Richard Nixon’s 1969 National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence have been tragically fulfilled: we live in ‘fortress cities’, brutally divided between ‘fortified cells’ of affluent society and ‘places of terror’ where the police battle the criminalized poor … The old liberal paradigm of social control, attempting to balance repression with reform, has long been superseded by a rhetoric of social warfare that calculates the interests of the urban poor and the middle classes as zero-sum game. In cities like Los Angeles, on the bad edge of postmodernity, one observes an unprecedented tendency to merge urban design, architecture and the police apparatus into a single, comprehensive security effort.

For me, Davis’s dystopian vision of a city that repels its poor is typified in the ‘bum proof bench’ – a bench that it is impossible to sleep on without rolling off. bum-proof.jpg

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Subvertising on the Streets

A flyposter spotted in Hackney (where else) spoofing a local letting agency. The copy reads, “Hackney welcomes young, creative victims” amidst headlines of stabbings, muggings and shootings.

subvertising.jpgSee also previous posts:


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Turquoise Bag in a Tree

A website celebrating that most forlorn of objects – the plastic bag in a tree.

bag-in-tree.jpgManchester based artist Hilary Jack has set up a website of images of plastic bags caught in trees. As the project developed, she started to stick her own bags in trees with little signs as well as inviting people to submit photos. She writes on the site:

Two winters ago I noticed an unmarked turquoise carrier bag trapped in a leafless tree in a city centre street, startling and vibrant against an otherwise colourless, urban, winter landscape. The image stuck with me, and I decided to make it into a public work of art.

As well as demonstrating the peculiar madnesses that the net seems to bring out in people, the project is also socially minded. Jack adds, “Urban trees and shrubbery planted at the whim of an architect or urban planner become a magnet for detritus, turquoise bags being the most visible. As a reminder of our consumer culture the bags hang there, taking years to decay, and acting as an absurd memorial to our excesses.”

Maybe she should include that lovely scene from the 1999 film American Beauty, the video footage of a plastic bag blowing in the wind.

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Guerrilla Cinema

Harking back to the classic American drive-in, kids in the States are now projecting their own films in car parks.

guerrilladrivein.jpg‘Guerrilla drive in’ groups post screening times on the internet, but most attendees are just people driving by. Sound is transmitted by the cars tuning their radios to the correct FM frequency.

Lawrence Bridges, screens his comedy 12 in parking lots, and calls it a ‘gift and tribute’ to Los Angeles. Kate McCabe of rad.art projects movies onto the back of movie houses to ‘offer an alternative to surrounding corporate control of media’. Pilot, a collective in Chicago, lights up a warehouse wall with videos of friends debating politics to ‘trespass the corporate control of media’, and possibly bore the pants off everyone watching.

Wes Modes of the Santa Cruz, California, Guerrilla Drive-in has a more simplistic take: “We said, ‘Why aren’t there free movies? There’s all these walls!'”

Courtesy of Black Book.

Photo courtesy of Ektopia.

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