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Shiny things #2

Items of interest from around and about …

Femtech – Genevieve Bell’s research shows that (older) women are now tech’s lead adopters.

‘More Olympics cash in tie in nonsense’ – Douglas Murphy’s latest take down of London2012.

Mean Streets no more – an analysis of how NYC radically reduced its crime rate.

And from the old NYC … performance art legend Penny Arcade talks to Run-Riot about bringing her ‘sex and censorship’ show Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore! to the West End.

An anecdote to twee – vandalised vintage crockery from TrixieDelicious on Etsy (as keenly recommended by Regretsy).

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James Unsworth’s warped reptiles.

Those suffering from hipster fatigue should visit Five Hundred Dollars for a reminder of why Hackney became so hip in the first place. James Unsworth‘s show is a return to form for East London art, a scene otherwise awash with indulgence and ketamine. Go see.

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Dalston Superstore: Opening Soon

Legendary East End nightclub brands team up to build a new venue. We’re excited.

Located as it is, half way between Angel and Hackney, Stoke Newington and the City, Dalston has traditionally been ‘a place on the way somewhere else’ rather than a destination in its own right. With an East London Line tube station set to open there next year, and a sometimes-brutal wave of gentrification underway, all that’s changing. The outside world has discovered Dalston.

But, eclectic music lovers, ignore — if you can — the tribes of wannabe Broadway Market coffee-shop hipsters, avert your gaze from the Friday-night mobs of Fulham-ite boys and trustafarian girls on Kingsland Road, and add ‘E8‘ right at the top of your list of ‘must-visit’ London postcodes. Cafe Oto is a Wire magazine-reader’s dream of a venue, legendary jazz bar The Vortex is now ensconced in Gillett Square; and over the past couple of years the fire-trap basements of Shacklewell have hosted, for those in the know, the best underground parties in town. The most famous night to emerge from that scene is Disco Bloodbath, justly fêted for great sound, below-any-radar vibes, a friendly, mixed crowd and (need we say it) disco, disco, disco.

Now the people behind DBB have teamed up with the creators of legendary Shoreditch club Trailer Trash (which has just celebrated its fifth birthday), to build a brand new café/bar/venue — Dalston Superstore — which officially opens this week, just north of the Rio Cinema.

We’re tipping the Superstore as a landmark new venue for East London clubland, and caught up with DBB’s Dan Beaumont to ask him a few questions about the venture:

BST: Who’s involved in the Superstore?

DAN BEAUMONT: This is a joint venture between me and the Trailer Trash boys. We’ve been looking to start our own venue for a few years now — it’s just taken a long time to find the perfect spot!

You’ve got a pretty eclectic mix of people involved, from both sides of the disco/electro divide. How did you all end up working together on this?

We’ve all known each other for quite a while. I’m not sure there’s really a ‘divide’ as such — there’s loads of cross-pollination between the various subcultures of East London. Disco and electro are really just two sides of the same coin.

Why Dalston? Why now?

When we started Disco Bloodbath in Dalston we realised how many people live around here with nowhere to go. Shoreditch has become so saturated with bridge and tunnel that loads of interesting, creative and socially adventurous people have ended up around here.

The Dalston scene has been very much about underground parties at secret venues. How does it feel to be building a ‘proper’ venue from scratch, that’s actually on the map!? Do you think this is the end of the Dalston Underground, or will you still be doing basement parties as well?

We’ll always aim to showcase varied and cutting edge music. That’s all we can really aim to do. In terms of what is or isn’t ‘underground’ that’s not really for us to judge. The only way we can move forward is to keep music at the forefront of our venue. We’re not really interested in chasing trends — if you start down that road you can never win!

Which parties will we see running nights at the Superstore? Who would you most love to have behind the decks for a one-off?

At the moment we’re taking it one week at a time! We’ll obviously be throwing Trailer Trash and Bloodbath flavoured parties but we’ll also be showcasing local heroes, established DJs and upcoming talent. We’ve already got a few of our favourites pencilled in… you’ll have to wait and see who they are!

We tipped up at Hot Boy Dancing Spot’s hardhat-and-hi-viz-themed pre-pre-pre-launch party at the Superstore at the weekend. Still a building site, the space worked brilliantly (though some aircon downstairs would be a blessing!). We’re looking forward to the finished product.

[Big thanks to Dan for this interview. Photo © Darrell Berry. And, yes, that's a picture of someone flaunting power tools on a dancefloor...]

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Hackney Council v Yellow Pages

What do people actually do with Yellow Pages directories these days?

This door-dropped card from Hackney Council offers their considered opinion on the subject — Yellow Pages is the only branded item on their list of useless waste (think engine oil and foil) to be put in their green recycling bins. We think they’ve got it about right.

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Photo evidence from Scottee, Bourgeois & Maurice and Chycca’s performance of SPEECH at Bistrotheque

Scottee, Bourgeois & Maurice and Chycca performing SPEECH at BistrothequeUNDERCONSTRUCTION is a season of alternative cabaret and other innovative new works, every Tuesday evening at the rather wonderful Bistrotheque space in Hackney (or is it Bethnal Green? WHATEVER). Check details of future events in the season on the Bistrotheque site. More of our photos from UNDERCONSTRUCTION are on Flickr. [Image © Darrell Berry]

[Thanks to Lisa Lee]

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Guernica, E2

Pure Evil and friends hit Broadway Market.

1312482617_74c957d78d.jpgPure Evil Guerinca

More Broadway Market graffiti on Flickr.

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Before it goes, Anarkitty on Englefield Road, Dalston.


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Trannies Got Talent

Photos from the 2007 Grand Finale of Tranny Talent at Bistrotheque

[Picture credit: most images from Tim [thx!]. The feed is from the Tranny Talent pool on Flickr. If you’ve got more, add ‘em in]

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Freedom Through Shopping

Dalston says No.

Many Dalston residents are less than happy about plans for regeneration (or gentrification, depending on your politics and focus) of the Dalston Junction area. Regardless of local opposition, development seems to be powering ahead.

For the past couple of months, the banners and signs of the protesters have been fighting a propaganda war with official posters portraying the brave new world planned by London Transport, Mayors Pipe and Livingston, and a consortium of developers.

The battle for hearts and minds escalated over the Easter break: the blandly cut-and-paste architectural renderings of the happy happy ‘Dalston to be’ riveted to the hoardings at the 38 bus stop on Dalston Lane have accumulated some creative amends at the hands of anti-development activists.


Note the sinister concentration-camp motto over the razor wire penning in the citizens of the gated community: SHOPPING MACHT FREI.

We’ve uploaded more high resolution images on Flickr. As in Hogarth, there is much detail worthy of attention: ASBO-branded shopping bags, anyone?


If you want to visit, go soon before the Powers That Be erase all sign of it. Map here. The site is just across the road from the Dalston Peace Mural — a 1985 celebration of Hackney’s collective anti-nuclear action during the Cold War.

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Hackney vs. Nike

Hackney wins …

iIiUKA2DXW.jpgHackney council has been awarded £300,000 in damages after filing a suit for copyright theft against Nike. Back in May we wrote about how the sportswear giant had appropriated the city council’s logo without permission for a range of sportswear.

The payout is based on a percentage of global sales figures for the range, which included trainers, footballs and T-shirts. Nike has apologised and has also agreed to pay Hackney borough’s legal costs as part of the agreement announced today.

Jules Pipe, Mayor of Hackney, described it as a “great result” for the council.

“This is extra money to spend on sports activities in Hackney, and shows that it was worth standing up to Nike,” Pipe said.

This was always about more than cash — there is a serious principle at stake here. Just because we are a public organisation, it does not mean that big corporations can take what they want from local people without asking.

Source: Brandrepublic.

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