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Addictive TV at the National Theatre

Big beats, and the biggest screen in town

Addictive TV at the National TheatreVideo artists Addictive TV were back in town on the weekend, after a marathon session of live Olympic mashups in Europe. Braving the London weather on Friday night, they played to a crowd so enthusiastic that at least one of them had to be dragged half-naked off the roof.

This was Addictive’s third annual outdoor gig at the South Bank, which has become a highlight of the BST summer calendar. This year was even more fun for us, as they invited us along to document the evening photographically. Our photos are up on Flickr.

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Before it goes, Anarkitty on Englefield Road, Dalston.


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Subversion on the Streets

Spotted in Shoreditch. Niiiice.

bus stop.jpgSpotted in Shoreditch. Niiiice.

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Spotted in Shoreditch, a poster for the Blairaq exhibition.

Blairaq Poster, Old Street An installation of new works by Peter Kennard and Cat Picton Phillips with original works by James Cauty and DFace at the Leonard Street Gallery, E2. Go See.

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Pure Evel (sic)

Spotted on a rainy May day, Kingsland Road, Shoreditch.

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Freedom Through Shopping

Dalston says No.

Many Dalston residents are less than happy about plans for regeneration (or gentrification, depending on your politics and focus) of the Dalston Junction area. Regardless of local opposition, development seems to be powering ahead.

For the past couple of months, the banners and signs of the protesters have been fighting a propaganda war with official posters portraying the brave new world planned by London Transport, Mayors Pipe and Livingston, and a consortium of developers.

The battle for hearts and minds escalated over the Easter break: the blandly cut-and-paste architectural renderings of the happy happy ‘Dalston to be’ riveted to the hoardings at the 38 bus stop on Dalston Lane have accumulated some creative amends at the hands of anti-development activists.


Note the sinister concentration-camp motto over the razor wire penning in the citizens of the gated community: SHOPPING MACHT FREI.

We’ve uploaded more high resolution images on Flickr. As in Hogarth, there is much detail worthy of attention: ASBO-branded shopping bags, anyone?


If you want to visit, go soon before the Powers That Be erase all sign of it. Map here. The site is just across the road from the Dalston Peace Mural — a 1985 celebration of Hackney’s collective anti-nuclear action during the Cold War.

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Broken Link

More subverting white spaces …

borkenlink.jpgActivists Niko and Andrea place stickers of the “broken link” icon that appears on a web page when the image is missing. We think there’s something enormously sad about it…

A nice follow on from Mr beautiful blank who we wrote about a while back.

Via Wooster Collective.

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How to lose customers and frighten people

Walkers Crisps’ latest marketing effort could be described as ambush musicals…

According to Brandrepublic today, experiential marketing agency CommentUK is launching a campaign for Walkers Crisps involving undercover performers breaking into song in front of surprised passers-by.

The campaign involves singers who appear to be members of the public performing Bobby McFerrin’s a cappella hit ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ in busy areas, before removing their coats to reveal specially designed Walkers t-shirts.

The article goes on to point out that the idea is similar to a failed ITV show It’s Now or Never, where people surprised loved ones with heartfelt messages in the form of a musical.

Justin Foxton, founding partner and chief executive of CommentUK, said:

This is a major initiative that will create a genuine Buzz in nine major cities across the UK. Research has proved that activity such as this has tremendous recall rates and as a way to launch two new crisp varieties it simply can’t be beaten.

Call us cynical, but we think that this latest attempt at generating the dreaded ‘Buzz’ is somewhat flawed. In an age where people are avoiding ads as much as possible and where the slightest marketing infraction can resound online for months, is accosting consumers on the street really the right way to go?

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Reclaim the Space

Postal chairs courtesy of the Graffiti Research Lab reclaim public space in New York City.

postal chairs.jpgIn 1961, a New York City zoning board passed a regulation allowing developers and landlords to build additional rental floor space in exchange for providing public plazas and arcades on privately developed lots. This marked the advent of what has become known as “Privately Owned Public Space” in the city.

Over the last 40 years, “Incentive Zoning” as it is called has been instrumental to the creation of 503 plazas, arcades and other public areas which are concentrated primarily in the midtown area of Manhattan. In return, developers were allowed to build higher and wider structures and they received an estimated 20 million square feet of rental floor area.

When combined, “Privately Owned Public Spaces” have the potential to add an astonishing 824 acres or roughly 50 football fields to the public spaces utilized by New York residents.

This is according to Brendan J. FitzGerald of walkingtoursnyc.com. The site also quotes a three-and-half year study published in 2000 by Harvard Professor Jerold S. Kayden which found that 41% of “Privately Owned Public Spaces” were of “marginal utility” and “inaccessible or devoid of the kinds of amenities that attract public use.”

Taking these stats as a starting point, the Graffiti Research Lab have developed some ‘build your own’ chairs made out of postal boxes in order to reclaim these public spaces. [We note that they passed on using Fedex.]

A video of the chairs in action is viewable on the GRL site and, of course, on their Flickr photopool where you can also fall across lots of other examples of the clever outside-hacking stuff that GRL have done.

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More culture jamming or whatever you want to call it…

art no ads.jpgArtNotAds do what they say on the tin — replace outdoor advertising with art. They’ve also utilised Pledgebank to get a campaign going to get enough pledges of £10 to start the campaign by placing a piece or art/poem/etc on one of the Underground station advertising slots.

What the big outdoor media placement companies think of their antics, we shall soon find out…

Via Protein Feed.

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